Free State of Bavaria: the Weißwurst frontier.

These are the voyages of Oxnsepp. His endless mission: to explore rad new tracks, to seek out new trails and new lines, to boldly go where no Bavarian has gone before.

Last year’s "Straight Outta Bavaria" by Siegi Zellner was among the funniest bike park edits, which found their way onto the internet. In 2017 his adventure goes on and now it is going big: Zellner a.k.a. Oxnsepp has grabbed Austrian filmmaker Björn Hunger and pushed him into his van. The two of them have refined the original story until they were ready worthy sequel.

"This film is an ode to my homeland, the Free State of Bavaria. Yes, I am not from Germany, but from the wonderful Bavaria – that’s how it is. The first part in 2016 happened kind of accidential with a GoPro, now we went much further with a comprehensive video project for the second part, which is my first professional production. We put a lot of effort and love for detail in it and hope that bikefans and even more many people burst into laughter!", says Siegi Zellner, as he is proud of the work done.

Siegi's outfit was a special challenge during the process of filming: lederhosen, shirt and woolen socks may look fancy, but they as unsuitable for going downhill on a bike as flip-flops and Bermuda shorts would be. The oppressive and adhesive leather pants and the not breathing-active costume shirt demanded a lot from the Bavarian rider. The perfect matching song „Oxnsepp“ from the Bavarian Rapper BBOU was the best imaginable start for the production of Straight outta Bavaria.

"I was impressed by how many ideas Siegi had already collected when we sat down together to talk about this project. We were on the same page from day one and the both of us were meticulous to achieve the best. Those five days in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and Schladming were a blast and I am sure that this was not the last chapter Oxnsepp’s story!", says Björn Hunger.

Who the f*ck is this guy?
Siegi Zellner: Is a washable Bavarian with 22 years on the hump. The Oxnsepp licked blood in the XC sport and switched to the downhill. His uncompromising riding style and the entertaining videos is not be imagined out of the German-speaking gravity scene.